Coronavirus and pregnancy

Coronavirus is a new infection which is rapidly spreading around the world. There have been case reports in the medical literature of coronavirus in pregnancy and it seems pregnant patients with coronavirus have similar outcomes to non-pregnant women at a similar age. None of the pregnant patients in the case studies developed severe pneumonia. Importantly the virus didn’t go through the placenta into the baby and the virus wasn’t present in breast milk. Whilst this is reassuring, the number of reported cases in pregnancy is very small at 18. We need more data before we can know the true impact of coronavirus on pregnancy. If you would like to know more click here

To reduce your chance of contracting coronavirus in pregnancy please ensure:

  1. Frequent and thorough hand washing or the use of hand sanitiser
  2. Cough etiquette into a tissue or crook of elbow
  3. Shut the toilet lid when flushing
  4. minimise touching your face or putting your hands in your mouth
  5. minimise touching hard surfaces
  6. Abide by social distancing or isolation recommendations

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